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Suwie Swimming Pools is a subsidiary of Suwie Group.

Because we like to have an honest, transparent cooperation with our customers, we would like to introduce ourselves:

Under Suwie Group, we have several subdivisions.

Suwie Technics is our branch that specializes in everything related to green energy. From solar panels and home batteries to installing your own charging station for your electric car. Not only the advice but also the implementation of these techniques is in the hands of our own experts.

With Suwie Solar Systems we send our craftsmen across the border all the way to Spain. So you can also come to us to install solar panels for your stay on the Spanish south-east coast.

Through the many collaborations with customers in Belgium and Spain, we came to the conclusion that the technology associated with a pool also requires a lot of energy that is sometimes overlooked. This gave rise to the idea of also offering swimming pools with our group.

After a lot of research and looking into the possibilities, Suwie Swimming Pools was born. We looked for and found the right professionals with years of experience and expertise, our business manager, Bart, did the necessary research to be able to work closely with the customers and to provide them with all the correct information. Once the work starts, he will not hesitate to jump into the pit and roll up his sleeves to make your dream come true.

In sum,

For the installation of your pool, we only work with our own people who are all experts in their field! With their years of experience and knowledge, your dream is in good hands!

A piece of paradise in your own garden!


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